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'Universitas Cantat' is an international choral celebration. Since 1998, it has been gathering young people from various universities - people who are musically talented, active and open to new friendships and to exchange of cultural experience - in Poznań (at the beginning every year and since 2003 - every two years). During the previous ten editions, the public had the chance to admire almost 100 choirs from 26 countries, including such distant parts of the world as Mexico or Ecuador. Since the beginning of existence of the event, its organisation has been handled by Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, AMU Chamber Choir and AMU Chamber Choir Association. The role of Professor Krzysztof Szydzisz - a choirmaster, a musicologist, a voice-building specialist, a speech therapist, a culture manager and since the very beginning - the director of 'Universitas Cantat' and Joanna Piech-Sławecka - an oboist, a choirmaster, a speech therapist and the vice-director of the festival, is invaluable. The festival concerts are held in various concert halls in Wielkopolska, mainly in the Assembly Hall of Adam Mickiewicz University which is famous for excellent acoustics. The choirs prepare inter alia the compositions promoting native music of the particular countries. At the end of the festival, all participants jointly perform a composition of a contemporary living composer. A symphonic orchestra usually accompanies them in this venture.

Within the final concerts, the following compositions were performed: in 1998 - Litania ad Spiritus Sanctum by Zbigniew Kozub, in 1999 - Angelus by Wojciech Kilar, in 2000 - Beati Estis by Zbigniew Kozub, in 2001 - Ad Iuventatem by Marek Jasiński, in 2002 - Nihil homine Mirabilius symphony by Krzesimir Dębski, w 2003 r. - Ver Redit 2nd symphony by Krzesimir Dębski, in 2005 - Festinemus amare homines symphony by Paweł Łukaszewski, in 2007 - Raptus Europae by Marek Jasiński, in 2009 - Exegi monumentum aere perennius by Romuald Twardowski, in 2011 - Amor vincit by Miłosz Bembinow, in 2013 Origo Mundi by Jacek Sykulski, in 2015 Arion by Zuzanna Koziej and 2017 Amor et Psyche by Miłosz Bembinow.

'Universitas Cantat' festival (and a large group of volunteers working on each of its editions) is the proof for the fact that the musical fascinations in the scope of choral art are an universal issue. The meetings of young people lead to establishment of new acquaintances and the multiculturalism is the inspiration for the listeners.

The anniversary concerts of the 15th International Festival Universitas Cantat took place on 18-21 May 2022. The 16th edition of Universitas Cantat will be held on 15-18 May 2024, and the 17th Festival is scheduled for 13-16 May 2026.




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The fifteenth (anniversary) Universitas Cantat, 18-21, 2022

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Universitas Cantat 2022 has become part of a European project “WeBEUnited – West-Balkan and Europe united, musical synergies for young artists”. It's a mutual joining of forces and experiences between the four project partners: Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Italy and the 6 West-Balkan countries Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. The aim of the project is to exchange music between West-Balkan and other European countries and to promote transnational mobility of cultural and creative works and artists. Within the project, the organizers of Universitas Cantat invited Dragan Shuplevski Choir of Ss. Cyril and Methodius University from North Macedonia conducted by prof. Sasho Tatarczevski and in that the choirs participating in the festival had the opportunity to perform together two songs composed especially for this occasion: “Dodola” written by a Macedonian composer Angel Spiroski and “Iam Semper” by a Polish composer Jacek Sykulski. The compositions will also be performed at the two concerts within the second part of the project in North Macedonia. The first concert will take place in Bitola on 28th August, as a part of Bit Fest Summer Festival, where the pieces will be performed by Youth Female Choir – MKC and AMU Chamber Choir. The second performance will be held in the Macedonian Philharmonic Hall in Skopje, at a special concert on 2nd September, where the compositions will be performed by the joined forces of Dragan Shuplevski Choir, Youth Female Choir - MKC, AMU Chamber Choir, Gortinija Mixed Choir, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Children Choir, Menada Girls Choir, with the composers conducting their pieces. Both compositions have been included in a booklet of all new European and West-Balkan songs composed for the project “WeBEUnited”.

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nazwa zadania: WeBEUnited - West-Balkan and Europe united, Musical Synergies for Young Artists - Polska/Macedonia.


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Festival Director
prof. Krzysztof Szydzisz
tel.: +48 608 30 70 30

Festival Deputy Director
AMU prof. Dr hab. Joanna Piech–Sławecka
tel.: +48 604 525 554


CODEAddress of the Festival Office
Collegium Martineum, Św. Marcin 78,
61-809 Poznań, Poland

www: www.cantat.amu.edu.pl
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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