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Participants Universitas Cantat 2022

Adam Mickiewicz University Academic Choir in Poznań, Poland
Conductor: prof. Beata Bielska

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Adam Mickiewicz University Academic Choir in Poznań, Poland


The Adam Mickiewicz University Academic Choir has been continuing the choir singing tradition of the Wielkopolska region for almost 60 years. The choir was founded in 1966 in Poznań, the city with a long history, connecting modern art with traditional Polish choral music. Thanks to music theatres and festivals, Poznań gained a reputation as a city full of choirs. The choir is composed of likeminded people from different backgrounds, sharing their true passion, high abilities and honest readiness to sing.
AMU choir has been conducted by the exceptional Jacek Sykulski, the well-known Polish composer, arranger and conductor. In autumn 2011, Beata Bielska, a longstanding assistant of Sykulski and graduated from the Choir Music and Conducting Department of Academy of Music in Poznań, assumed his post. The choir, run by this talented and charismatic conductor, began to gain wide recognition in the choir community. During the numerous concerts conducted by Beata Bielska, the choir has exhibited the full range of possibilities of the perfect instrument that is the human voice. The group performed in almost all European countries as well as the USA, Ecuador, Vietnam, Canada; Bolivia; China; Japan and Taiwan. They performed also together with such famous artists like Placido Domingo, Aleksandra Kurzak, Roberto Alagna and Andrea Bocelli.

While being on a "Tribute to Michael Jackson" concert tour, the Choir has also performed with leading Polish artists such as Kuba Badach, Natalia Kukulska, Piotr Cugowski and Katarzyna Cerekwicka, cooperating with the best polish instrumentalists.
Currently, the Choir performs on the biggest stages in Poland in front of many thousands of audience, as a part of the Visual Concert project, presenting the greatest hits of film music (Beata Bielska also performs solo parts)
Over the past 10 years, AmuChoir has participated in many television recordings, taken part in film sets and lent their recordings as film scores. The vocal skills of Choir singers allow them to combine their love for performing great, classical forms with participating in productions with popular music.

The Academic Choir’s performances withhold the rich Polish tradition of choir singing. The main artistic goal that the conductor and all the singers would like to convey is to bring joy to people through their common passion for singing. Music from heart to heart!


Beata Bielska
Singer, choirmaster and teacher. Beata Bielska graduated from The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań, in the Faculty of Choral Conducting, Music Education and Church Music, in a class of the Academy of Music professor Magdalena Wdowicka – Mackiewicz. Prior to that she completed The Frederick Chopin Public Music School in Olsztyn in which she attended a cello class of professor Józef Bartkowski.
Among numerous music undertakings, Beata Bielska’s focus is predominantly choral music. She founded her first ensemble when she was only 14 years old and led it successfully until her leave from her home town, Olsztyn. It was then when she started studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Shortly after, she became a member and a soloist of the AMU Choir, directed by Jacek Sykulski.
Beata Bielska took charge of the Adam Mickiewicz University Choir in 2010. Ever since she has been creating her own artistic vision, as well as continuing group’s sound traditions. Under her direction the group takes part in various projects – both symphonic and a cappella, using colouring and abilities of the most perfect music instrument which is human voice.


  Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland


Festival Director: Prof. Krzysztof Szydzisz
tel.: +48 608 30 70 30
Festival Deputy Director: AMU prof. Dr hab. Joanna Piech–Sławecka
tel.: +48 604 525 554


Address of the Festival Office  adres
Collegium Martineum, Św. Marcin 78,
61-809 Poznań, Poland

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