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State Academic Choir "Belaya Vezha" - Brest State Technical University - Brest, Belarus
Conductor: Irina Angolyuk




State Academic Choir "Belaya Vezha" - Brest State Technical University - Brest, Belarus


The Academic Choir Belaya Vezha was founded at Brest State Technical University in 2012. Its members are students of Engineering, Construction and Economics specialties. The group’s aim is the study of choral culture, promotion and preservation of choral art best traditions.

The choir is notable for its highly vocal and theatrical culture, vibrant emotions, the variety of repertoire, based on the remakes of Belarusian folk songs, sacred music, works of classical composers and contemporary authors.

Belaya Vezha has earned popularity among the audience and the choral society by participating repeatedly in cultural activities of the university, the city and the country and performing in competitions and festivals.It has been awarded many prizes - Grand Prix diploma at the national festival of students "ART holidays", International Festival of Spiritual Music “Hajnówka” (Białystok, Poland), International Choir Forum “Paparats-kvetka” (Minsk, Belarus), International Choir Festival in Provence and Aveyron (France), as well as diplomas of the Ministry of Culture an Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus for the long-term activities, great contribution to civil, patriotic, artistic and aesthetic education of the youth.


Irina Angolyuk graduated from Minsk Institute of Culture and is the director of the academic choir Belaya Vezha. She occupies the position of the head of student initiatives and cultural and leisure activities in Brest State Technical University. Under her leadership and on her initiative groups devoted to theatre, choreography, instrumental and vocal music have been created. She is also responsible for organizing a contest for first-year student talents "New Star BSTU", the festival of national cultures "We are together" and other activities and events of the university.

Energetic, open, with pedagogical tact and ability to foster relationships, she creates an atmosphere of passion, creativity and commitment in the group. In 2012 Irina established the academic choir Belaya Vezha and currently works there as its music director and conductor. She promotes choral music and Belarusian national culture at the university. Irina has many diplomas, which testify to her merits and gratitude she earns in the field of education and culture.


 Brzeski Państwowy Uniwersytet Techniczny, Białoruś


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prof. Krzysztof Szydzisz
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