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Terms and Conditions of the 14th International Festival of University Choirs
"Universitas Cantat", 6-12 May 2019.


The Festival's Mission:

The International Festival of University Choirs "Universitas Cantat” promotes academic culture in the field of musical arts. More than ten university choirs and orchestral ensembles from all around the world are invited to Poznań to participate in the event.Participants have an opportunity to present music of their countries in its full diversity. On the other hand, they also promote Polish music by performing the final piece together with other ensembles. All of these activities create a space for an inspiring cultural and artistic exchange. The exceptional character of this edition of the Festival is emphasised by the fact that it is a part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Poznań University, which will be held under the honorary patronage of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

Poznań, the city which hosts the festival, is one of Poland's most important choral art centres with an extraordinarily rich tradition in this domain. The main auditorium of the Festival is Adam Mickiewicz University Hall - a beautiful neo-Renaissance concert venue famous for its remarkable acoustic properties.

"UniversitasCantat” owes its amazing atmosphere to people - joyful, radiant, in love with choral music and engaged in the concerted organisational effort. Their passion for each festival shows that the participation of young people in producing high culture is a matter of international importance and that performing music together is a universal value of enduring attractiveness.

The festival is of non-competitive nature.
Learn more about the Festival at


Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
AMU Chamber Choir Friends' Association


The Festival is intended for academic ensembles:

  • choirs: mixed, male or female ensembles up to 40 singers (ensembles with a larger number of singers need to pay an additional fee for each person that exceeds the limit)
  • vocal ensembles
  • academic orchestras and big bands up to 50 performers (larger ensembles need to pay an additional fee for each person that exceeds the limit)


The 14th International Festival of University Choirs UNIVERSITAS CANTAT 2019 will be held in Poznań, 6-12 May 2019.


Festival ensembles must participate in three concerts:

  1. Gala Concert in the UAM Hall (half-recital, 25-30 minutes)
    • the programme must predominantly consist of pieces written by composers from the ensemble's home country, pieces that belong to the musical traditional of the ensemble's home country or compositions in a musical idiom that the ensemble specialises in.
  1. Concert in the Wielkopolska province (cultural centres, churches, etc.) – recital (40-60 minutes):
    • The ensemble may present a programme of its own choice, provided that it is suitable for the intended concert venue.
  1. 3. Poznań University Centennial Concert with Andrea Bocelli
    • The score of the pieces performed during the Centennial Concert will be sent to the participating ensembles two months before the Festival by e-mail.
    • The choirs participating in the Festival are obliged to join rehearsals for the Centennial Concert according to the schedule.
    • The participating choir undertakes to practice  pieces for Centennial Concert with diligence in advance of the Festival and to take part in the Festival rehearsals with other choirs. The Festival Director reserves the right to assess the level at which the choirs have mastered the final piece. Failure to meet the requirements regarding preparation for the final piece may result in exclusion from the Festival.



              1. The ensembles must cover their transportation costs, including:
                • costs of travel to and from Poznań.
                • during the Festival: costs of transportation to and from the venues of concerts in Wielkopolska (no more than 70 km from Poznań).
                • parking fees, when they apply.
                • public transport fees in Poznań, if need be.
                • The Festival Office will organize transport for ensembles that do not have their own bus transport during the Festival (transport from and to Ławica airport in Poznań or from the Poznań railway station, transfer to a concert in Wielkopolska). Fixed cost: 400 € (paid on the first day of the Festival)
              2. The registration fee is respectively:

                for Polish choirs and orchestras:

                PLN 150 / person.


                for foreign choirs and orchestras:

                EUR 40 /person.

              3. ATTENTION: Cancellation of participation after 15 February 2019 will not cause a refund of the registration fee.
              4. Failure to pay the registration fee by 15 February 2019 (unless agreed with the organisers) shall be equivalent to withdrawing from participation in the Festival.
              5. Ensembles are solely responsible for purchasing health insurance, accident insurance and other types of insurance.
              6. The organisers shall not be held responsible for any illegal performance of music (due to copyright infringement) and for actions undertaken by copyright collectives due to such an incident.
              7. Additional persons (exceeding the limit of 40 persons for choirs and 50 for orchestras) shall pay a total fee of EUR 150 / PLN 600 which includes the registration fee, accommodation and board.


              1. We provide FREE ACCOMMODATION (from 6 to 12 May to a maximum number of 40 ensemble members) including the conductor and the drivers. Accommodation will be in a youth hostel/student's house standard (dormitory rooms).
              2. The prices for extending stay are presented in the table:
                  Vocal ensembles up to 40 members orchestras up to 50 members
                  hostel accommodation No additional charges No additional charges
                  each additional night of stay. PLN 80 / EUR 20 per person PLN 80 / EUR 20 per person
                  At the ensemble's request, the Festival Office may upgrade the accommodation standard, which requires a surcharge to the registration fee. Details may be consulted with the Festival Office.
              3. Polish ensembles:

                • Arrival on Tuesday, 6 May (the first meal is breakfast on Wednesday morning, 8 May)
                • Departure on Sunday, 12 May, after breakfast.
              4. Foreign ensembles:

                • Arrival on Monday, 6 May (the first meal is breakfast on Tuesday, 7 May),
                • Departure on Sunday, 12 May, after breakfast.
              5. At the ensemble's request, the Festival Office will provide assistance in extending their stay in Poznań.


The organisers provide two meals FREE OF CHARGE every day throughout the whole Festival: breakfast and lunch/dinner.



              1. During the Festival, participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other in the Festival club (details will be provided further into the organisation process)
              2. Conductors are encouraged to exchange their artistic experiences.
              3. Meeting of ensemble representatives (conductors and choir managers) with the AMU Rector.


              1. The organisers have an unlimited right to register and broadcast without payment the performances of the participating ensembles, in whole or in part, and otherwise dispose of any recording of any such performance in any manner that they see fit.
              2. The organisers offers Festival materials: programmes, posters, badges, etc.
              3. The Festival offers assistance to foreign ensembles in organising a longer concert tour in Poland.


              1. By submitting the application form, the ensembles agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Festival.
              2. The organisers of “Universitas Cantat” recruit ensembles on the basis of submitted application forms with attachments (including recordings), ensuring a high level of performance at the Festival.
              3. Deadlines

Date Required action

by 1 December 2018

Deadline for submitting the application form with attachments.
  1. APPLICATION FORM available for download
    • recordings: three diverse pieces from the last two years.
    • the ensemble’s photograph in HD resolution, 300 DPI.
    • PDF scores of all pieces from concert programmes submitted by the ensemble.
    • a statement of consent to the processing of personal data

by 5 January 2019

Application procedure results announced.

by 15 February 2019

Deadline for withdrawing from the Festival by sending a written resignation to the Festival Secretary (may be also submitted electronically).

by 15 February 2019

Deadline for payment of the registration fee.

Bank account number

Payments in euro: IBAN: PL 44 1240 6609 1978 0010 4746 2792


Payments in Polish zloty 87 1240 6609 1111 0010 4746 2688


Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Chóru Kameralnego UAM AMU Chamber Choir Friends' Association
ul. Św. Marcin 78, 61-809 Poznań, Poland

Details of payment:
opłata wpisowa Universitas Cantat 2019 / registration fee Universitas Cantat 2019

by 1 April 2019

Ensembles may submit changes to the programmes and send files for printing.



e-mail address:

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Address of the Festival Office 

Św. Marcin 78, 61-809 Poznań, Poland

The Festival Office and Contact:

Festival Director

Prof. Krzysztof Szydzisz

+48 608 30 70 30

Festival Deputy Director

Dr Joanna Piech–Sławecka

+48 604 525 554

General Secretary

MSc Szymon Kałuża

+48 661 108 537

Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.


Director del Festival
prof. Krzysztof Szydzisz
tel.: +48 608 30 70 30

Vicedirectora del Festival
dr Joanna Piech-Sławecka
tel.: +48 604 525 554


CODEAddress of the Festival Office
Św. Marcin 78, 61-809 Poznań, Poland

e-mail: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.


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